The advertising is a form to disseminate and inform the public of a good or service through the media in order to motivate the public into consumer action. The publicity comes to the public through the media, those media broadcast ads in exchange for a payment previously determined to acquire such space in a contract of purchase and sale by the advertising agency and the media, issuing the notice at a time into the channel is determined in advance by the agency with the environment, and with prior knowledge of the advertiser, the contract is denominated debt agreement or dissemination.

Mundicorp is a company composed of creative people and business that develops, prepares and places advertising on behalf of advertisers looking to reach consumers for their goods and services and disseminate their ideas.

The briefing or brief is an Anglicism used in the advertising sector. Briefing can be translated to “report” or instruction that takes place before the start of a military mission, including, in the advertising and public communication in general, the document with the information the company submitted by the advertising company that generate a communication.

Planning marketing and advertising, In a written document detailing the actions needed to achieve a specific target marketing. It can be for a good or service, brand or product range. It can also be done to all the activity of a company. His timing may depend on the type of plan to use and can be from one month to 5 years (they are usually long term).

The advertising concept. The briefing is the document which is based an advertising campaign commercial or institutional and has to be created by the client company in response to market information and marketing objectives of the brand. This document is essentially a condensed summary which must facilitate the work of the agency. It is the presentation of the environment and the sales strategy that will take your product or service. It has to do a lot with marketing strategies that are going to use the product image and especially the characteristics. There must be a close and trusting relationship between the company and advertising agency. The use of the briefing is purely internal, since there are reflected all kinds of confidential customer data, which are in this case advertisers.

The brief has no standard format but each firm chooses the one that is more convenient but to produce it, any advertising agency or commercial communication professional / institutional need to know at least the following data presented in the table of contents:

–Historical Background of the advertising company. He who pays for the implementation of an advertising campaign, you must provide key company data, the category of product or service, as well as major competitors in the same, including distribution channel data, and provide brand image data , describing the main advantages (real and / or emotional) of the firm, compared with the competition. Anecdotes, thoughts or even small stories of employees are relevant to the creation of the communication route to be followed by a campaign. Familiarity with our client we will ensure greater success when delivering the work developed by the agency.
–Documentation consisting of existing or advertising dossiers previously developed by the advertiser. It is vital to know whether the advertiser has previously developed advertising measures, and is the duty of the account executive to obtain the information and find out what their effect on consumer and advertiser.
–Total market. As it is written the total market and the direct and indirect competition.
–Specific Market. Direct competition.
–Current situation and real business and brand. Brand image and brand image ideal. Positioning.
–Product. When the advertising campaign is about a product or service, we know their traits as outstanding technical data, location, coverage, services, product attributes. Differential advantages.
–Price. How much in monetary terms and perceptual acquisition of their product or service.
–Packaging. Colors, identification, logo.
–Distribution channels. It is the way that the manufacturer continues to get its product to the end user or consumer, creating a bond between them. The product can pass through intermediaries between the manufacturer and the ultimate consumer or distributed directly, and these intermediaries the wholesaler or retailer. The wholesale producer get in touch with the retailer and wholesaler retailers linked to the consumer. Percentages of sales and potential market areas.
–Consumer. Identification of consumer personal characteristics. This is where more research is needed. Question is what should keep in mind our consumers when they see the brand name of the advertiser. The forthcoming campaign will break or keep such a personality, depending on the communication objectives (launch, repositioning, etc.).
–The poster market. Description of the target in both demographically and, if possible, their habits or behaviors. It will provide important data from investigations, including information on the brand awareness of the product and its competition, as well as data concerning the perception that consumers have the product before the campaign. So add to this listing, using as far as possible the consumer’s own words, what consumers think and feel the product (indicate whether this information is based on research or empirical data).
–Market Trends. Including fashion and the direct or indirect authority of our client.
–The potential public. Every person (without differentiating sex, age, race) to be attracted and come to the share purchase our product without being part of the target to which we are going.
–Competition. Who is he does, as it has, which occupies market position. To know what is the differential advantage of the product you want to advertise, you must know how is the competition.
–Operating Data Marketing.
–Marketing Objectives. Puts the area of marketing for the company and must determine whether it is a campaign launch, relaunch, repositioning or maintenance.
–Internal company policy.
–Amount to invest. The company has available to invest in an advertising campaign. The most expensive is the Guideline (second in TV – Daily centimeter). The agency won when buying media.
–Times. Period of time the campaign will go public, and advertise ice cream in the summer.
–The target / target. Knowing the target audience (referred to in advertising lingo “target”) is one of the main points of the briefing. The campaign and creativity will be directed to the same target. To locate where it is really our target audience we need to make some studies that indicate the hard and soft variables