Corporate Image: the perception that a particular public has of an organization from the behavior of the organization, its culture and corporate personality.

Corporate Image = visual expression of identity.
Corporate Identity = behavior (operational politycs), corporate culture and personality (formal policy)

The Corporate Identity of a company:
– It should reflect values of our company: Proximity, Elegance, Simplicity …
– It must be coherent and consistent characteristics, affecting the assessment or public print.
– Get differentiation from the rest with a unique style and recognizable by the public, creating the strategy itself
– Create a strong brand and position in the market resulting in increased sales.
– Impact on the public

What succeeded in projecting a good corporate image?
– Communicate to your audience what you are “conveys the values that identify your business”
– Credibility to your business “You get the confidence of your audience”
– Differentiation on your competitors’ Your business is unique and reflects your image ”
– Professionalism in and out of your business “with your image reflects the essence of your company”
– Positioning within your market “Position yourself in front of the leading companies”
– Will attract many more customers. “Connect with your audience and get more sales”

The logo is the main symbol of the Corporate Image, Logo is the name of the company by which the public will identify the firm, is the letter of a company.

How should it be a logo to attract more customers?
– Simple and consistent
– No more than 3 colors
– The symbol should be accompanied by easy to understand typography
– Homogeneous and uniform
– Unique, genuine.
– You must transmit the values and business objectives
– Easy to remember and hold in mind
– Represented by color, shape and typography, it must transmit and communicate the personality of the company
– As adapted to the public it seeks.

What we get with the Corporate Image?

+ Competitiveness
+ Credibility
+ Customers
+ Sales

Corporate identity (as distinct corporate visual identity)
Synonym Corporate Reality, is the set of attributes associated with history, the business plan and corporate culture that define the essence of an organization, identified and differentiated.

The corporate identity of an organization is its essence, which is not what it seems in this sense we should not confuse it with the image (which is what it seems, rather than what it is).
Corporate identity is the converging point in the history of the organization, its culture and business project. These 3 factors are fairly stable in their records, and are identifying and differentiating elements of the company