Customs Advertising Fans

Choose the designed Fan model that you like or we design and personalize it

Fans made of PVC and fabric, Fans made of natural wood and fabric, Varnished wood and fabric, Fans of painted wood and fabric,

Fans made of laser engraved wood

Download our catalogs and choose a la carte

Catalogue 1

Abanicos Bodas

Catalogue 2

Abanicos Comuniones

Catalogue 3

Abanicos Bautizos

 Catalogue 4

Easter Fans

Catalogue 5

Religious Fans

Fans made of smooth wood and openwork + cloth

Different sizes and colors for ladies, gentlemen and for bags

Fans engraved with laser or silk-screened


Abanicos pintados a mano

Catálogo 6

Abanicos Taurinos

Catálogo 7

Abanicos Flamencos y Fiestas

Pídenos los abanicos promocionales

para repartir en ferias, romerías, eventos,

de cartulina impresa, de madera y tela,

de madera, de pvc y tela, pay pay…